Applying to H&M what should i say when asked: What is your reason for applying with H&M? ?

Nov 02,  · ( When you apply for a job, you know exactly what you're looking want a company you love, great co-workers, a decent .

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When applying for your first professional position, something that can cause anxiety is creating a resume to send to potential employers. Because only “ 35% of applicants are actually qualified for the jobs they apply to, ” HR professionals have developed strategies for .
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Aug 28,  · Best Answer: You should say, H&M is such a well known clothing store, mostly known for its affordablity as well as qaulity. Since I personally love fashion, especially affordable fashion, I feel that by working here, I am able to relate to the customer, since both she and I share the same Resolved.
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Don't apply for every available position. You'll never be taken seriously if you apply each time a position opens. Clarify your reasons for applying for a specific job. If the opportunity is in a department in which you wish your career to grow, or if the position will allow you to expand your knowledge in a particular area, make it known.

May 22,  · Applying for H&M: what is your reason for applying with H&M? I was wondering if this is good to say for that question: H&M is a well known clothing store with great style at affordable prices. Personally i am pursuing a career in graphic design (in making a clothing line) and i believe this is a great opportunity to see one of the best at Resolved.

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Master degree is very much vital after the completion of the undergraduate degree. Moreover, having a master degree is very much important to get a job.

Nowadays there are many organizations where the person should have the master degree to apply for the job. Wow Laura, I like how you have given this some good thought and have put your points across in a convincing manner.

I agree that any student must start thinking ahead right from before undergraduate school, if possible. This is what I wrote. You can't write much as the characters are quite short so that's all I could write. Do you think that's good or can I write something that would be more important to get their attention more? Any suggestions would be very helpful.

Also this is my cover letter. I love talking and I love talking and helping people so in a sales oriented environment I would be able to talk to countless people per day. This position matches my career interests and I think that my experience and skills match with your requirements and standards in working in a demanding retail environment. I hope therefore, that on consideration of my CV, you will be persuaded of my potential to perform well and to make a real contribution to your business.

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Hi Mythily Iyengar,. The reasons one may apply to get a job in H&M is that - H & M is one of the largest fast fashion brands in the world. Brand is established in every country all over. • I would greatly appreciate the opportunity to work at H&M as I have a great interest in fashion and believe everyone has the ability to convey their personality throw their fashion sense at H&M help their customers do that and I would like to assist them also. May 22,  · The reason I am applying for H&M is because I enjoy and know a lot about their fashion/clothes and the company as a whole. You can't write much as the characters are quite short so that's all I could Resolved.